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As part of its community outreach program the Indian community provides dinner to the residents of the Catholic Charities Men's Shelter at Carlsbad, San Diego on the first Sunday of every month. Beginning from 3rd March 2019. the Indian community from various parishes in San Diego get together monthly and cook up a delicious meal. Members participate in various levels based on their availability. Some help out in the cooking while some sponsor part or the entire event every month. The food is well-received by the residents and it is a pleasure to see the delight on their faces. We intend to continue this charitable program and take part in other selfless tasks in the service of our less fortunate brothers and sisters.


Detailed information about the event can be viewed at: More Info

Next event: The 1st Sunday of the coming month

If you would like to participate in the upcoming event or any future events by helping us out either with your time and/or funds please contact Savio Lenus at:-

Proverbs 19:17   Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.



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